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InternationalThe first car with Russian license plates was confiscated in Lithuania

The first car with Russian license plates was confiscated in Lithuania

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Lithuanian customs has seized the first car with Russian license plates, the agency’s press service announced on Tuesday, AFP reported.

The detention took place a day ago at the Miadinki checkpoint. A citizen of Moldova intended to go to Belarus in an Audi Q7 car with Russian license plates. When checking the documents presented by the driver, it turned out that the owner of the “Audi” is another person, a Russian citizen.

It was explained to the driver that since March 11, Lithuania has introduced administrative liability for persons with cars registered in the Russian Federation, which provides for a fine and possible confiscation of the car. The driver of the Audi Q7 was issued an administrative violation report, who stated that he knew nothing about the restrictions.

The car, worth 41,690 euros, was confiscated, the announcement said.

Customs services remind that from March 11, cars registered in Russia cannot be on the territory of Lithuania or must be re-registered by then.

An exception is made for Russian citizens traveling in transit to or from the Kaliningrad region of Russia with a simplified transit document (STD).

However, this transit through the territory of Lithuania cannot last more than 24 hours, and the owner of the vehicle must be in the vehicle during the transit. If there is no owner in the vehicle, it is not allowed to enter the territory of Lithuania.

Illustrative Photo by Sami  Abdullah: https://www.pexels.com/photo/trunk-of-a-blue-lady-riva-18313617/

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