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EuropeCourt of Auditors: European Parliament endorses new Italian member | News

Court of Auditors: European Parliament endorses new Italian member | News

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The appointment of Mr Manfredi Selvaggi was supported by members in a secret ballot, with 316 votes in favour, 186 against and 31 abstentions.

The final decision on his appointment will be taken by EU member states.


Carlo Alberto Manfredi Selvaggi has been serving in the Italian Court of Auditors since 1997, as Substitute Prosecutor General until 2005, and Deputy Prosecutor General until 2021. He has been a coordinator of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan mission structure at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers since May 2023.

The mandate of the previous Italian ECA member Mr Pietro Russo expired on 29 February.

Under the EU Treaty, each member state can propose its candidate for the European Court of Auditors. The Council of the EU, after consulting Parliament, decides on the appointment for a six-year term.

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