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Monday, June 17, 2024
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Europol has broken up an international gang of thieves of valuable antiquarian books

Europol announced in The Hague that a gang of experienced thieves of valuable antiquarian books had been broken, DPA reported. Nine Georgians have been arrested...

France’s National Library has placed four books from the 19th century under “quarantine”

The National Library of France has placed four books from the 19th century "under quarantine", reported AFP. The reason is that their covers contain arsenic. The...

How important it is to read books

Reading books, apart from enriching our vocabulary, our general culture and speech, transports us to other worlds and even takes us away from the...

Chinese Ancient Books Resources Database

„Chinese Ancient Books Resources Database" is an important achievement of "Chinese Ancient Books Preservation Plan".

Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky out from Ukrainian textbooks

The Russian language and literature are completely dropped from the curriculum in Ukraine after the sixth grade, the Ministry of Education and Science announced...

The Best Coffee Table Books for Sports Lovers

Scouted selects products independently. If you purchase something from our posts, we may earn a small commission. While I may not read as much as...

Pirated books thrive on Amazon — and authors say web giant ignores fraud

Amazon is getting flooded with counterfeit versions of books, angering customers and authors alike who say the site is doing little to fight the...

Bestselling books for the week that ended June 26

Here are the bestselling books from Publishers Weekly for the week that ended June 25.

Ukraine votes to restrict Russian books, music

Ukraine is closing the book on scores of Russian authors … that stops the printing of books by Russian citizens unless they … collapse of the Soviet Union. Books printed in Russia, its ally … would place limits on Russian books and music in Ukraine.Ukrainian …

Book lover’s web: Exploring the world of books online

Discovering new books online is a challenge, which several companies are trying to address. By Shubhangi Shah Amazon, the trillion-dollar multinational conglomerate that now deals with...
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