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BooksThe Best Coffee Table Books for Sports Lovers

The Best Coffee Table Books for Sports Lovers

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While I may not read as much as I’d like to, there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting down at a friend’s home and browsing the beautiful books they have displayed on their coffee tables. This is specifically the case when the books are tailored to show off the personal interests and hobbies of my friends. Coffee table books are special because they aren’t just created for the written word, but instead, heavily focus on photographic or artistic imagery and the physical design of the book itself. A good coffee table book is both informative and engaging, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

For sports lovers, there are tons of incredible options. With so much rich history and so much of it recorded in such close detail, you can choose from a number of coffee table books that give you a rich textual and photographic experience of the game you love. However, finding the right coffee table book for the sport you love is still an incredibly difficult process, especially as more and more continue to get made. Instead of spending hours upon hours searching for the absolute perfect choice, check out our list of the best coffee table books for sports lovers.

Boxing is a sport that has the most lore and history behind it. As such, it is nearly impossible to encapsulate the sport let alone one fighter in just a single coffee table book. The Fight instead chooses to give an in-depth visual and textual history of the fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman that took place in Kinshasa, Zaire. Filled with original photographs restored to the best resolution and commentary from Norman Mailer, the book is the most in-depth look at every step of the fight for the Heavyweight Championship of the World.

New York Times Golf History Book

For all the dads out there who spend at least a few Sundays a year watching golf through a perfect afternoon, the New York Times Golf History Book is the perfect addition to any coffee table. Filled with the biggest golf headlines and moments from the entire history of the New York Times, you can travel through time and read exactly what was written about the biggest achievements from golf’s greatest players through the years. Furthermore, you can get the book personally created to have the name of whoever you want to give this gift to.

Ballparks Past and Present

One of the most beautiful parts about sports and in particular, baseball, is the incredible stadiums and arenas in which they are played. Ballparks Past and Present gives you a look at the hundreds of historic ballparks throughout the history of baseball. With so many classic stadiums and fields being destroyed and rebuilt over time, you can get a feeling of what it was like to actually watch a game at some of the most historic stadiums in the game. Furthermore, the book is bound in a beautiful leather cover that only adds to its aesthetic appeal

Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS

For those of us that love the influence and design of the many shoes worn across the wide world of sports, there are few names as influential as Nike. Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS shows off the incredible history of Nike sneakers while also showing off the limitless fashion possibilities of them at the hand of fashion designer Virgil Abloh. The book offers a closer look at the details of what makes Nike shoes and Virgil Abloh’s artistic eye so influential in the world of fashion. The open spine also gives the look of a binder of ideas and the exterior cover shows off the classic bold Taschen design.

Match Point: Tennis by Martin Parr

For those who love the graceful and dramatic game of tennis, Match Point: Tennis by Martin Parr gives you a closer look at some of the most iconic moments, tournaments and players of the game through the unique lens of photographer Martin Parr. Across dozens of Grand Slams, you can see the crowds and emotions of the game at a level you never could before. The book features 85 photos never published prior to this coffee table book for you to experience.

City/Game: Basketball in New York

When it comes to basketball, the game is inextricably linked to the many courts around the city of New York. City/Game: Basketball in New York is the comprehensive history of the game as it has been played in the city. Gathering photos and history from the earliest examples of the game all the way to sold-out crowds watching the Knicks today, the book encompasses the link between New York City and basketball. From the Mecca of Basketball at Madison Square Garden to the street courts in local neighborhoods, this coffee table book is perfect for any basketball lover or city dweller alike.

Sports Illustrated: The Football Book

From the biggest game in the United States to the biggest sports magazine in the world, Sports Illustrated: The Football Book shows off 50 years of Sports Illustrated covering football. From the old-school leather pads all the way to the incredible catches of the modern era, this coffee table book not only shows off some impressive photography of the game’s greatest moments but provides a history of its progression of it from its early days to the nationwide phenomenon it has become.

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