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HealthWhy having a pet benefits children

Why having a pet benefits children

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We can all agree that pets are good for the soul. They comfort us, make us laugh, are always happy to see us, and love us unconditionally. Even though cats can sometimes be hard to tell because they have a more independent and often aloof nature, you can be sure that your purring friend loves and cares for you! It’s just that some cats express their love in certain ways.

Having a pet is also good for children as it can teach them a number of things:

Time spent outside

It’s true that cats don’t go out like dogs, but if you live in a house with a yard or you’ve taught your purring companion to walk on a leash and you take him on your walks in the mountains – what better way to have your child accompany you! This is a great incentive to put down the phone and enjoy some fresh air in the company of the purring friend!

Building trust and a stronger bond with another living being

Studies show that children often believe that pets are better confidantes than people and take comfort in having a four-legged friend to talk to. If you have more children – the purring friend can contribute to their good relationship, as they will have a common interest in playing and caring for the cat.

Learning responsibility

Everyone knows that caring for an animal is a responsibility! Raising a pet will inculcate in the child responsibility, habits and care – giving food, changing the water, cleaning the cat toys or putting them away.

Showing tenderness

Caring for a pet teaches children to respect all animals and treat them with kindness and compassion. It is important to teach them to:

• Be gentle when shaving the cat.

• Always pet or cuddle the animal when it allows and respect its personal space.

• Avoid picking up the cat when it doesn’t want it. It is important for the child to know that this is not a stuffed toy, but an animal that has emotions, feelings and pain.

Sure, kids and cats can get along and get along great, but it has to happen with conversation and training on both sides. The purring friend needs to be trained to follow certain rules, and children must learn to care for and respect the purring friend’s boundaries.

Illustrative Photo by Jenny Uhling: https://www.pexels.com/photo/blonde-child-with-dog-in-mountains-17807527/

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