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Why having a pet benefits children

We can all agree that pets are good for the soul. They comfort us, make us laugh, are always happy to see us, and...

Pope Francis celebrated his 87th birthday in the presence of dozens of children

Children from the Vatican-run pediatric clinic sang several songs for the Holy Father Pope Francis turned 87 today, greeted by children who helped him blow...

Madonna Gives Impassioned Call for Social Action During London Concert

During a recent concert in London, Madonna delivered a powerful and impassioned speech addressing current events and urging unity and humanity.

Children can recognize if the person across from them is sick

The issue is important for children's and public health. Children can recognize if the person in front of them is sick, a scientific study found,...

45 thousand invalids in Ukraine after the first ten months of war

The Confederation of Employers of Ukraine on Friday published data that may indirectly indicate the number of wounded in the Ukrainian army: according to...

What is the Impact of Teaching our Children All About Religion?

Teaching children all about religion and religious diversity is crucial in promoting respect and understanding for all faiths. Discover the impact of this important lesson in this article.

30% of children aged 7-9 in Europe are overweight

This number of overweight is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. About 30 percent of primary school-age children in Europe are overweight or obese
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