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InternationalIran sent a capsule with animals into space

Iran sent a capsule with animals into space

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Iran says it has sent a capsule of animals into orbit as it prepares for manned missions in the coming years, the Associated Press reported, cited by BTA.

Telecommunications Minister Isa Zarepour announced that the capsule was launched at an altitude of 130 km. He did not specify what animals were in the capsule, but added that it weighed 500 kilograms.

It is also not clear whether there are life support systems on board and whether the device is planned to be landed back on Earth. This is not Iran’s first such “space news”.

In September, Tehran announced it had launched a data-gathering satellite into space. In 2013, Iran reported that it had sent a monkey into orbit and successfully brought it back.

There is no word on whether Tehran is actually developing a spacecraft for astronauts. According to Western experts, the tests, disguised as civilians, were tests of new ballistic missiles.

Photo: BTA/ AP / Ministry of Defense of Iran

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