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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Iran sent a capsule with animals into space

Iran says it has sent a capsule of animals into orbit as it prepares for manned missions in the coming years, the Associated Press...

Yakhchāl: The Ancient Ice Makers of the Desert

These structures, scattered across Iran, functioned as primitive refrigerators In the waterless expanses of the Persian desert, an amazing and ingenious ancient technology was discovered,...

International conference Iranian nuclear power: realities and prospects for sanctions

A international conference entitled “ Iranian nuclear power: realities and prospects for sanctions” was organised in Paris on November 21st 2023 from 6h30 till 8 p.m at the Paris School of Business with the presence of high level experts ,journalists, researchers and students .

Unyielding Persecution of Baha’i Women in Iran

Discover the increasing persecution faced by Bahá'í women in Iran, from arrests to violations of human rights. Learn about their resilience and unity in the face of adversity. #OurStoryIsOne

MEPs address Borrell to end discrimination against women and minorities in Iran

After the "Women Life Freedom" movement in Iran, the European Parliament petitions Borrell for equality and justice for women and minorities in Iran. The EU supports their fight for freedom and justice.

The oppression of minorities in Iran, the Azerbaijani community as a symbol of Iranian tragedy

An international conference entitled "The oppression of Minorities in Iran: The Azeri community as an example "was organised at the European Parliament by the Azeri Front movement organization and Epp group .

Record executions, large-scale arrests and detentions: New Iran human rights report

“The overall human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran has markedly deteriorated against the backdrop of continuously worsening socio-economic conditions, aggravated by...

China hones its Global South diplomacy

China’s mediating role in Iran-Saudi deal signals a wider shift from wolf warrior to more constructive diplomacy.
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