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Security Council rejects Russian resolution on Gaza

The draft resolution led by Russia received support from five countries (China, Gabon, Mozambique, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates) and opposition from four countries (France, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States). Six countries (Albania, Brazil, Ecuador, Ghana, Malta, and Switzerland) chose to abstain from voting.

There was a division among members regarding the absence of a clear condemnation of the extremist group Hamas. It was Hamas that initiated the ongoing escalation of violence by deploying hundreds of fighters to carry out massacres in settlements near the Gaza Strip on 7 October.

For the Council to adopt a resolution, the proposal must receive at least nine votes in favour, with none of its five permanent members opposing or casting a veto.

The initial version of the text had requested a ceasefire for humanitarian purposes, the release of all hostages, access for aid, and the safe evacuation of civilians.

Another version of the resolution, proposed by Brazil, is scheduled for discussion on Tuesday at the Council’s agenda. According to news reports, it proposes humanitarian breaks in the conflict and condemns Hamas and all acts of terrorism against civilians.

Vassily Nebenzia, Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN expressed regret over the Security Council’s failure to adopt the resolution, blaming the “selfish intention of the western bloc.”

During a recent meeting of the United Nations Security Council, the Russian draft resolution to end violence in Gaza was vetoed by Western countries. Russian Ambassador Nebenzia expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and accused those blocking the resolution of doing so for “selfish and political interests”.

However, the US Permanent Representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield argued that the resolution ignored Hamas’ terrorism and therefore could not be supported. She condemned Hamas for their actions, including killing civilians and taking hostages, and stated that the Council should not unfairly shift the blame to Israel.

The Permanent Observer of the Observer State of Palestine to the UN, Riyad Mansour, urged the Security Council to be guided by international law and not to send signals that Palestinian lives do not matter. He noted that what is happening in Gaza is a full-scale assault against innocent civilians. The Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN, Gilad Erdan, called on the Council to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization and to hold it accountable for the situation in Gaza. He also called for the Council to fully support Israel’s right to defend itself and demand the release of all hostages.

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