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Sunday, December 3, 2023
EuropeMartin Hojsík elected Vice-President and Isabel Wiseler-Lima elected Quaestor

Martin Hojsík elected Vice-President and Isabel Wiseler-Lima elected Quaestor

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The newly elected Vice-President and Quaestor replace Michal Šimečka (Renew, SK) and Cristophe Hansen (EPP, LU), respectively, following their departure from Parliament.

On Wednesday, Martin Hojsík (Renew, SK) was elected to the office of European Parliament Vice-President, by acclamation as he was the sole candidate, in accordance with Parliament’s rules on nominations. In a second approval by acclamation immediately after, Isabel Wiseler-Lima (EPP, LU) was appointed an EP Quaestor.


Based on Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, a new Vice-President (VP) or Quaestor is elected to fill a vacancy in the existing order of precedence – so the MEPs elected have become Parliament’s tenth VP and second Quaestor. The President delegates specific duties to Parliament’s 14 Vice-Presidents, who can replace her when necessary, including chairing plenary sittings. Quaestors are primarily responsible for administrative and financial matters directly concerning MEPs. MEPs aim to ensure that the composition of the Bureau (comprising the President and Vice-Presidents, with Quaestors participating in an advisory capacity) broadly reflects the numerical strength of the political groups in Parliament.

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