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EconomyZakharova addressing Bulgaria: You will sell your nuclear reactors to people who...

Zakharova addressing Bulgaria: You will sell your nuclear reactors to people who have turned to terrorist activities

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The blow from the war will be indirect, the dream of the USA is to destroy the economy of the EU, the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry told Bulgarian journalist Martin Karbovsky‘s broadcast on his YouTube channel.

“Do you know who you are going to sell your nuclear reactors to – to people who have turned to extremist terrorist activity, who shelled the Zaporizhzhia NPP, who recently blew up an ammonia pipeline on their own territory.” This was stated by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, in an interview with Karbovsky on 13th of July.

“You want to tell me that you will sell them to people who blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric plant? And if you have doubts that this is their doing, I will give you an example – since 2014, they have been constantly mining the power lines to Crimea, blocking the flow on water. These are acts of terrorism. Do you intend to supply energy capacities to these people,” Zakharova asked rhetorically.

She asked Karbovsky if he really thinks this is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine over territory.

“It is absolutely not the case, all the power of the Western world, first of all the USA and Great Britain, are at war with us, and the EU is being used by them,” emphasized the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry and continued:

“But something else is scary for you – the main blow is directed indirectly – against the EU, this is the dream of the USA – to destroy the EU’s economy. That is why Great Britain left the EU in order not to take the economic blow”.

She emphasized that the goal of the United States is for many businesses to move there and pay their taxes in the United States.

“The EU has not been able to settle the Ukrainian crisis on its own continent for 8 years, because the USA did not allow it to do so,” Zakharova was categorical.

Source: @Martin_Karbowski is the YouTube channel where journalist Martin Karbowski publishes new and already aired original video materials.

Photo by Markus Distelrath: https://www.pexels.com/photo/low-angle-photo-of-nuclear-power-plant-buildings-emtting-smoke-3044470/

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