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EconomyIf you are a tourist in Dubrovnik, be careful with your suitcase...

If you are a tourist in Dubrovnik, be careful with your suitcase – you risk a hefty fine

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Under a new law, suitcases must be carried rather than dragged through the streets of Dubrovnik’s old town in Croatia, and anyone caught rolling their luggage will be fined €265.

Anyone planning to visit Dubrovnik this summer should make sure they don’t get caught out by the new rule banning wheeled suitcases in its historic center, reports The Mirror.

The Croatian city sees a huge influx of visitors every year, which is great for the hospitality industry there, but not so fantastic for those who suffer from the sound of miniature wheels clattering on cobblestones.

Anti-luggage legislation is set to become even stricter in November, when all suitcases and bags will have to be left outside the old city walls before visitors can enter. Those laden with luggage who want to enter the old part of Dubrovnik will have to pay a courier to have their bags delivered to their accommodation by electric car.

Every year, 1.5 million people visit the city, which is almost 40 times more than the 41,000 people who live there.

Another newly introduced additional noise abatement measure will see cafes and bars with terraces where the noise level exceeds 55 decibels be fined and forced to close for seven days.

Walking shirtless, riding bicycles or electric scooters in the city center and climbing statues are behaviors that will be banned.

The city is currently trying to retain its World Heritage status six years after UNESCO warned that disrespectful hordes of tourists were ruining the city.

Photo by Luciann Photography: https://www.pexels.com/photo/aerial-view-of-a-city-and-island-3566139/

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