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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
EnvironmentTurkey fines more than 10,000 dollars for plucked flower

Turkey fines more than 10,000 dollars for plucked flower

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It is about the wild peony (Paeonia mascula) 

A hefty fine of over ten thousand dollars is imposed by Turkey for a plucked wild peony, Turkish TV station Haberturk reports.

Peonies (Phylum: Magnoliophyta – Class: Equisetopsida – Order: Saxifragales – Family: Paeoniaceae), which are an endemic species in the Spil National Park, Aegean Turkey, bloom at this time of year for 10-15 days.

The plant is a protected species, and plucking it is punishable by a fine of 244,315 Turkish lira (US$10,338).

Spil Mountain in Manisa County (Turkish: Spil Dağı), the ancient Mount Sipylus, is an attraction for nature lovers, and the blooming of peonies attracts many visitors who want to admire the beautiful flower.

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