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BooksMay 9th, 73rd Anniversary for Europe and Dianetics

May 9th, 73rd Anniversary for Europe and Dianetics

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Charlie W. Grease
Charlie W. Grease
CharlieWGrease - Reporter on "Living" for The European Times News
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L. Ron Hubbard’s “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” made its debut on May 9, 1950, and the results of the technique contributed to its swift rise to the top of bestseller lists. Numerous Scientology Churches, Missions, and organizations across the globe mark the book’s release date, as do countless others who have just picked it up, read it, and found comfort and hope in it.

In Europe, we are experiencing the understatement that Dianetics is needed like the water in the sea, in a moment in which too many people in the higher echelons of society continue to let themselves succumb to their reactive minds rather than acting analytically. Misery, hunger, corruption and war should have never happened again in our world” says Ivan Arjona, EU and UN representative for Scientology, “and Dianetics can greatly contribute to this still today”.

A real need of ending wars

In an article published in World Religion News,  “Dianetics is Still Needed and Timely After 73 Years” it is explained that the postwar world groped for answers; that the United Nations came into being essentially to forestall any future global conflagration by bringing the combatants to the table rather than the battlefield; and that scholars and philosophers, theologians and scientists alike knew that politics and diplomacy alone could not provide a permanent solution to the problems of insanity, criminality and their ultimate fruits, conflicts and bloodshed.

It is with the above introduction that the article signals two quotes from the author of Dianetics, “Attack unreason, not the society or the man,” and “There is a higher goal, a better goal, a more glorious victory than gutted towns and radiation-burned dead. There is freedom and happiness and plenty and a whole Universe to be won,” and so many Scientologists in Europe have come to think that, according to Arjona:

“there was not a better time to publish such a brilliant ‘weapon’, a weapon against irrationality and cruel behaviors.”

Dianetics and the European Union

Asked about the relation between the launching of Dianetics and the creation of the European institutions, in view of the coincidence, Ivan Arjona stated that

“By coincidence or not, the fact is that it was also on May 9th, 1950, the same day as the call for a European Community to repair the devastation after World War II. L Ron Hubbard launched the most popular book on the power of thought and the human being, which began helping each person to spread a smile. That book is the bestseller Dianetics.”

He also stated that Hubbard’s discoveries on the field of the mind and the spirit

“led to the birth of the Scientology religion in 1952. Since then, millions of people in more than 160 countries celebrate this religious holiday every May 9th as the milestone of the book that today, as it celebrates its anniversary in a world on the verge of hysteria, fear and despair, it continues to help spread a smile toward a better world”.
Dianetics Fundacion Pluralismo y Convivencia May 9th, 73rd Anniversary for Europe and Dianetics

A religious holiday

Dianetics is so accepted as the founding stone of the Scientology religion, that its publishing date is even marked in the religious holidays’ calendar that the Spanish government publicizes through its Foundation Pluralism and Convivence.

Dianetics, an adventure in 50 languages

Most bookstores (physical or online) have “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” and it exists and is acquired worldwide in 50 languages. The experience might easily be started with “The Dianetics Seminar”, which was launched in 2009 by Scientology’s ecclesiastical leader Mr David Miscavige. There are Scientology Churches, Missions and organisations all throughout the world that offer the Dianetics Seminar but “if you don’t have one near, you can always watch L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘What is Dianetics?’ on the Scientology Network to learn more” concluded Arjona.

In the book’s first few pages, L. Ron Hubbard penned the words:

“You are beginning an adventure… Treat it as an adventure. And may you never be the same again.”

L. Ron Hubbard

As a last statement, Arjona explained that “In celebration of this 73rd anniversary of Dianetics, the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights, located in Brussels, is organizing showings of introductory videos for people who want to either help themselves, their families, friends or society at large”.

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