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EnvironmentEuropean environment and health atlas goes live — check your place

European environment and health atlas goes live — check your place

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How is the air quality where you live, what about noise levels or the number of green spaces and quality of the nearest bathing water sites? Now you can check the quality of the environment on one online platform, the EEA’s European environment and health atlas. Launched today, the atlas presents data and information in a user-friendly way on how pollution and other environmental risks affect the health and well-being of Europeans, and how environmental assets protect us.

The interactive online tool, a first on such a scale for all of Europe, allows users to visualise how the environment around them affects their health and well-being via set of detailed maps. It covers topics like air quality, noise and quietness, green and blue spaces and climate change throughout the member and collaborating countries of the EEA. Closely aligned by many EU policy targets, the atlas is one of the tools by prepared and published the EEA with the aim to support monitoring the European Union’s zero pollution ambition.

How is the quality of the environment where you live and how does it affect you?

The atlas also allows the user to create and share an “environmental scorecard” of a specific address or location, as well as visualizing inequalities in environmental risks, for instance those related to income. The atlas is based on a wide variety of data and analysis on environmental risks to health and benefits of a healthy environment done by the EEA and other trusted sources. The atlas aims to bring all this information into one digital hub, making it directly relevant to the public.

The Atlas will be a ‘living product’ meaning it will be updated regularly and open to feedback from users.

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