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EuropeEurope Day 2023: celebrating European unity

Europe Day 2023: celebrating European unity

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On 9 May, the European Union will celebrate Europe Day 2023, a moment to commemorate the Schuman Declaration on 9 May 1950.

To mark the special occasion, the EU institutions, including EU delegations and representations worldwide, will organise a wide range of online and on-site activities, providing citizens with the opportunity to discover and experience the European Union.

This May, Europe Day will bring citizens together to learn more about how the EU is supporting peace, security and democracy through its resolve in face of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and other conflicts worldwide. Europe Day 2023 will also enable visitors to get better acquainted with the EU’s efforts to build a Europe which is green, digital and competitive, fair and skilled, as well as strong, resilient and safe. This year, it will also shed special light on the 2023 European Year of Skills, which will kick off on 9 May.

On and around Europe Day, the EU institutions will host a wide range of interactive activities at their locations across the 27 EU member states and around the world.

EU citizens will be able to experience the EU institutions in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg:

  • Saturday, 6 May: In Brussels, citizens will be able to visit the EU institutions. More information on the programme of activities can be found here.
  • Tuesday, 9 May: Citizens will be able to visit the European Court of Justice and the European village in Luxembourg city, set up by the Commission representation together with the national authorities, member states’ embassies, EU Institutions based in Luxembourg and civil society. More information is available here.
  • Saturday, 13 May: Members of the public will be able to look around the European Parliament in Strasbourg and see the seat of Europe’s largest democratic body. More details can be found here.

On 9 May, the EU will also host the European Year of Skills Festival. The festival will link to many other activities putting skills centre stage in different parts of Europe. On the dedicated EYS website more information can be discovered about the European Year of Skills, as well as further details on local activities across Europe.

Throughout the 27 EU member states and across the world, the EU institutions with their partners and networks will celebrate Europe Day through a host of engaging, informative and entertaining activities. The Representations of the European Commission in close cooperation with the European Parliament Liaison Offices, the Europe Direct Centres and other national and regional partners plan various actions to mark the day like edutainment activities and quizzes, festivals, sportive activities, cultural events and debates but also visibility activities and social media campaigns.

In addition, EU Delegations will mark Europe Day all around the world and highlight European unity and solidarity.

For more details on the EU’s 2023 Europe Day activities, please visit the interinstitutional Europe Day web page.

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