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DefenseA "sky police" to fight drones in Russia

A “sky police” to fight drones in Russia

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A special anti-drone police unit has appeared in St. Petersburg. It will be responsible for safety in the sky during mass events, reports the BBC Russian service.

“The employees perform various tasks. These are mobile patrols whose task is to apprehend operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Groups of shooters armed with snipers and carbines have been created. They use technical means to suppress and neutralize drones. First of all the new unit received police officers who were posted to the new territories (that’s how they call the occupied regions of Ukraine in Russia – note ed.),” RBC quoted a representative of the Ministry of the Interior.

Snipers with anti-drone electromagnetic rifles appeared for the first time on May 9, they guarded the airspace on the roofs of buildings and during the Victory Day parade.

In the Urals on Wednesday, the Regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that it will create special departments in major cities that will monitor drone flights in areas where they are prohibited.

Last week on Wednesday, May 3, the Kremlin reported a downed drone over the dome of the Senate Palace, a corresponding video appeared on social networks. Vladimir Putin’s press office called this attack an “attempt to assassinate the president.”

Since late last year, at least 40 regions in Russia have restricted or banned drone flights.

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