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NewsWas it the whole reserve? Russian missile attacks reduced to minimum, but...

Was it the whole reserve? Russian missile attacks reduced to minimum, but another danger comes into play

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For more than a month, no Russian massive missile attacks have been launched against Ukraine.

The fact about the significant reduction in the frequency and scale of rocket attacks was announced by Yuriy Ihnata, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force.

He noted that after several explosions, the Russian Federation dispersed its military planes from the Engels airfield.

“Obviously, the missiles they used to destroy our infrastructure were all the strategic potential they had, all the stockpile. I will remind you that approximately 750 cruise missiles were destroyed, not counting those that reached their targets. That is, there were more than 850 missiles that the enemy used to destroy our infrastructure,” Ihnat said.

According to him, the enemy switched to a more economical option of attacks – guided bombs.

Ukrainian Brigadier General Oleksiy Khromov explained that at current production levels, Russia would not be able to rebuild its missile stockpile in the medium term.

“This could potentially jeopardize Moscow’s ability to defend its strategic interests in the Far East and on the border with NATO countries,” Brigadier Khromov said.


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