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InternationalInvestigation: Russia is spying on its embassy in Bulgaria with antennas

Investigation: Russia is spying on its embassy in Bulgaria with antennas

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An international investigation has found that Russian services are spying with multiple antennas on their embassies in Europe. The building in Sofia is no exception, reports NOVA.

The investigation was conducted in dozens of countries. According to him, there are 189 antennas on 30 buildings of Russian embassies in Europe, which are not used for civilian purposes, but for espionage. It is indicated that, in addition to state secrets and politicians, Russia also monitors ordinary citizens who declare a pro-Ukrainian position.

Journalists who took part in the investigation claim that the antennas are used to identify participants in events that support Ukraine through the unique IMEI numbers for each phone. It turns out that a large part of the expelled Russian diplomats were engaged in precisely such activities and were specialized in computer systems.

Another topic of discussion is the use of facial recognition cameras in Russia. In Moscow, they recognize men fit for conscription – between 18 and 27 years old. The technology is then linked to a database, allowing for easier tracking of recruits.

Russian embassy in Brussels festooned with spy antennas for eavesdropping

The technique can intercept military and police communications, an investigation shows.

17 spy antennas are located on the building of the Russian embassy in Brussels, which is a record number of similar technical means of a Russian diplomatic mission in Europe. This is clear from an investigation by local media.

In order to maintain an encrypted connection, the embassy does not need so many antennas, but they can be used to monitor phone and satellite conversations, an investigation by several European media added. It is noted that with such antennas it is possible to intercept messages related to the work of aviation, shipping, the military and the police, specifies BTA. .

Belgian security services have clarified that they have been using an encrypted connection since 2011, which should provide the necessary privacy. The services do not rule out that in the meantime the technologies have advanced enough to make a breakthrough possible.

It is noted that the number of antennas of the Russian embassy in Brussels has attracted the attention of the Belgian counterintelligence and this has been confirmed by the Minister of Justice Vincent van Kikenborn. According to him, it is difficult to establish the type of equipment used by the Russian diplomatic mission in the country.

Photo: pixabay

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