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NewsAmericans 'surprised' by what they saw inside the T-90A tank

Americans ‘surprised’ by what they saw inside the T-90A tank

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‘Complete junk’: American tanker assesses Russian T-90A arriving in the U.S.

According to the experienced M1A1 Abrams tank crew member, even during missions, their vehicle never looked as poorly maintained as the Russian T-90A.

A former M1A1 Abrams tank machine gunner spoke negatively about the Russian T-90A tank that was recently delivered to the United States. He wrote about it on his Twitter account.

A US soldier says he literally lived with his crew in an M1A1 Abrams tank for 20 months while in service. During that time, it never looked like the trophy T-90A does.

Interior shot of the Louisiana T-90A.
My crew and I literally lived on our Abrams for almost 20 months and it was never as beat up inside as this piece of junk is.
So not only is the 🇷🇺 armor the junk I keep saying it is, the crews make no effort to maintain it.
Shocking. pic.twitter.com/ULUg68N3Et
— Captain Kaos (@_captain_kaos_) April 17, 2023

“So not only is the Russian armor the junk I keep saying it is, the crews make no effort to maintain it. Shocking.” wrote the soldier, who goes by the nickname “Captain Kaos”.

After receiving a comment that this tank was probably left abandoned all this time, the American Abrams crew member did not agree:

“Either way, it’s still garbage inside. Cheaply made junk. <… > It’s not about producing quality equipment designed to protect the crew. <…> Might last a little longer taken care of.”

The trooper also says that if the crew compartment looks this bad, the engine compartment could be in even worse condition. He also added that such amount of rust in the tank may mean poor quality of the equipment itself and indifference of the crew to their own tank.

Captain Kaos claims to be a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. During operations, their tank never looked so bad because the commander insisted on keeping the work area clean.

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