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CultureHistoric achievement: Helena Bonham Carter is the first female president of the...

Historic achievement: Helena Bonham Carter is the first female president of the London Library

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

The actress has been a member since 1986. We rarely focus on books lately. Streaming platforms, television and cinema have taken a huge part of everyday life and fixed our attention on the screens. Now more and more often we hear people say that they have seen the movie but not read the book it is based on. And in fact, literature is a world that should never be abandoned.

It was precisely because books took a backseat, quite undeservedly, that the world was about to miss out on a wonderful piece of news. The event takes place in London and brings together cinema and literature to create an unbreakable union that at the same time marks a historic achievement. A change that is quite possible to attract the younger generation to libraries and bookstores, making them immerse themselves in a whole new world of imagination and description.

A few days ago it became clear that Helena Bonham Carter has already taken the post of President of the National Library in London. She becomes the first female president in the library’s 181-year history. The actress, known to the younger generation from “Harry Potter” and “The Crown”, inherits the honor from English writer Tim Rice.

 “The library is truly a place like no other, inspiring and supporting writers for more than 180 years, many of whom have in some way influenced my own career and that of actors around the world,” said Carter, who has been a board member since 1986. year. The library’s unique resources, history and members help connect the literary greats of the past with those of the future, she said. “I am proud to be able to support this amazing and vital institution.”

For its part, representatives of the London library say that Bonham Carter’s career connects her with former members of the institution. “With a passion for books and stories, as well as a long-standing love of the library, Helena is ideally placed to promote this vast resource to creative and curious people,” says Philip Marshall, director of the library.

The actress became famous in 1985 when she played the role of Lucy Honeychers in the film adaptation of the novel “A Room with a View”, written by the former vice-president of the library EM Forster. She later played Miss Havisham in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations and Eudoria Holmes in the Enola Holmes films, based on characters created by librarian Arthur Conan Doyle.

Other members of the library include writers Virginia Woolf, Angela Carter, Daphne du Maurier, Muriel Spark and Beryl Baindbridge, as well as actress Diana Rigg and artist Vanessa Bell.

Helena Bonham Carter has been appointed to the honorary position following Sir Tim’s five-year tenure. Her role will include work on emerging writers and the library’s school programs.

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