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Culture10 fun facts every coffee lover should know

10 fun facts every coffee lover should know

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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1. Europeans love coffee

Globally, we consumed nearly 10 billion kilograms of coffee in 2020. Europeans consumed more than 3 billion kilograms of coffee, making Europeans the absolute leader. In Europe, coffee is most popular in Finland. Finns consume more than 12 kilograms of coffee per person per year.

2.Espresso means “squeezed” The Italian word espresso translates as “squeezed”. This of course applies to the preparation of the coffee. Espresso is made by passing hot water through finely ground and pressed coffee under high pressure.

3. Coffee as a forbidden drink In 1511, leaders in Mecca believed that coffee stimulated radical thinking. Because of this, the drink was banned. Coffee has also been banned in Italy for a while. In the 16th century, coffee was banned by Italian clergy because they believed the drink was “satanic.” Pope Clement VIII was a real coffee lover, he lifted the ban and in 1600 even named coffee.

4. If you drink coffee, you live longer on average Research shows that there is a link between moderate coffee consumption (3 to 4 cups a day) with a longer life. Three cups of coffee a day will guarantee you…

5. Coffee grounds are good for the skin Save the coffee grounds! Coffee grounds remove dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling smoother and looking more radiant. It is also stated that caffeine can improve blood circulation in the skin.

6. The most expensive coffee comes from cat poop The most expensive coffee in the world owes its price to a very special production step: grinding. The Asian palm civet, a small creature that looks like a weasel, eats the bright red coffee fruits. The civet cannot fully digest the grains and so they are discarded. The beans are then removed from the civet droppings and (hopefully) washed thoroughly. The beans are then sold for about $600 per 500 grams.

7. It is possible to overdose on coffee Did you know that it is possible to overdose on coffee? A life-threatening caffeine overdose is extremely rare, but possible. Drink up to 400 milligrams of coffee a day to prevent this. That’s roughly 4 cups of coffee. Higher coffee consumption can lead to migraines, rapid heart rate, muscle tremors and nausea.

8. Coffee made it possible for Brazil to go to the Olympics Brazil did not have enough money to send its 69 athletes to Los Angeles for the 1932 Summer Olympics. The athletes were put on a ship with 50,000 bags of coffee, which they sold in various ports along the road. Good thing Brazil has been one of the biggest coffee producers in the world for decades, otherwise the athletes wouldn’t be at the Olympics. Athletes have not won a single medal at these Olympics. Why start drinking green coffee?

9. You don’t need coffee right after you get up You shouldn’t need coffee anyway. Cortisol is a naturally produced hormone that helps people feel alert. When you wake up in the morning, your cortisol level is at its highest. In theory, you shouldn’t need caffeine. Between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m., cortisol levels begin to drop. Then it’s the perfect time for a cup of delicious coffee.

10. Car-puccino A car that runs on coffee sounds like something futuristic. However, it is closer than you think! Scientists have successfully turned ground coffee into biodiesel. So one day coffee can provide fuel for your car! The longest journey in a coffee-powered car was recorded by Guinness World Records and was done by a car in 2010. This car traveled over 300 kilometers using 56 espressos per kilometer to reach a speed of almost 100 kilometers per hour. In March 2010 a 1988 Volkswagon Scirocco was driven 337 km from London to Manchester (UK) powered by coffee. The modified car works by heating the coffee granules in a charcoal fire, when then break down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The gas is then cooled and filtered before the hydrogen is combusted to drive the engine. The process works because coffee granules contain a small amount of carbon.

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