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Siv Jakobsen bewitches you with Most of the Time

Bro O'Sullivan
Bro O'Sullivan
Bro O'Sullivan is a music journalist who loves music. That might sound obvious but it's not. Critics are sometimes not lovers. All reviews he writes for The European Times are about discoveries he loved, or at least liked, and to which he wants you to give a chance listening.

I am usually not a big fan of sweet-voiced folky female songs. But this lady, man! Siv Jakobsen, a Norwegian faery with a melancholic gaze who sings like an angel which came on earth to help, but who encountered some issue with her mission, and fell in pain with humanity.

Her song Most of the Time is one of these songs that you start listening without hoping anything, and then you kind of dream it all along, and get back to the beginning to travel again. Her voice is sweet but does not cloy. Even what could be perceived as a mixing flaw, some recording mouth sounds when she pronounces a “t” or a “d”, becomes part of the charm and you figure out by yourself that she made it on purpose, to let you know that you are in the room with her, whispering in your ear.

Is it dream pop or indie folk, who cares? But I’d say indie dream folk. Can’t say I understood the deep meaning of the lyrics. But again, you wouldn’t care less – of course you might get it better than me – and it’s enough to understand each sentence separately and make it your own, in a romantic dream or a passionate trip to the faery world of love.

Nice music, nice strings, nice mixing, beautiful vocals, super nice track.

Siv is not new in the industry. She already recorded 4 albums and has a fair number of international fans around. So, it’s likely that you already know her. But if you don’t, please remedy your ignorance:

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