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LA trio Night Talks releases On and On video

Bro O'Sullivan
Bro O'Sullivan
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That’s a DIY video that shows the LA trio Night Talks has a real sense of humor and knows how to transform it into a nice and fun production.

The song itself is not funny per se: “On and On” tells the universal story of a struggling relationship where things seem not to evolve, but repeat themselves into a never-ending failure. Well, not really though. Because it tells how one should take responsibility and try hard to fix the relationship, whatever happens, with no consideration about the repetitiveness of the rough patches.

Nevertheless, the video tells you how you should take it: not so seriously. At least, that’s how I got it.

The song is part of an album called Same Time Tomorrow and “same time tomorrow” is part of the lyrics of “On and On”. You see the point?

It’s on and on

Love is tough,

I messed up

Is that enough?

Never did think it’d end this way

Searching for every word to say

Same time tomorrow?

Well, the trio, made of the brilliant singer Soraya Sebghati, the guitarist Jacob Butler and the bassist Josh Arteaga, likes to make it fun and so they did. Their song is pop, and their video is truly pop. Soraya said she wanted to make it scary and funny. Sorry Soraya, it’s definitely not scary. But it’s funny, and well done. And somehow, it sticks to the song, which has the potential to give you some strength and pop energy to work out your relationships around.

A bit of “Alien”, a futurist spaceship, nice flashy costumes, and a band that play their role with self-confidence and self-derision, that’s all what we need.

Please, have fun with them:

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