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ENTERTAINMENTMusic on stockDanish Singer Alex Vargas comes back with “Mama I’ve Been Dying”

Danish Singer Alex Vargas comes back with “Mama I’ve Been Dying”

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Bro O'Sullivan
Bro O'Sullivan
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Alex Vargas is not a newcomer in industry. He already released two albums and has been acclaimed in all northern Europe since 2016. His latest single “Mama I’ve Been Dying” deserves some consideration.

Alex has a very distinctive and powerful voice, that carries soulful emotion to the listener. His track, whilst Vargas asserts to be in love with the 60’s and the 70’s, has also something of the 80’s. And it’s a good thing, as it makes it ringing a bell with great hit songs of this period.

Dying for what? “Mama I’ve been dying TO KNOW”, Alex sings. To know? Yes, to know what’s important in life, and to realize that “Love is a big big machine”. A kind of “ode à la vie et à l’amour » (Ode to life and love) of a kid who is not one anymore, and has to face life and start making it his own path.

The video that accompanies the release is definitely minimalist. A dune without personality, three teammates sitting or standing without moving, and Alex Vargas dancing with a self-mockery style but also a lot of funny energy. That’s all, but it works, and weirdly enough, it does not ruin the message at all. That is what life can be: we’re dancing, we’re expressing ourselves, with a feeling of freedom and not taking ourselves too seriously, even, and maybe even more, when the environment is rough. There is some extravagance and wildness to it…

Wanna follow him? Here it is:




And watch the video and tell me if I was right:

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