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EconomyBeer exchanged for sunflower oil in Munich 

Beer exchanged for sunflower oil in Munich 

Very quickly the brewery manages to get 230 liters of sunflower oil, but the goal is at least 500 liters

You drink beer and pay with oil – the invention is implemented in a beer hall in Munich, which has found a way to cope with the problematic supply of sunflower oil after the start of the war in Ukraine.

The management of the Munich beer hall offers beer lovers a liter of their favorite drink for the same amount of sunflower oil.

Beer for sunflower oil. The exchange takes place in a Munich beer hall. The idea was born after the restaurant began to experience difficulties in obtaining cooking oil, which put into question the food offering, such as the beloved schnitzels.

“Only small quantities can be bought in the shops. When we need 30 liters of sunflower oil per week, and we only have 15, we cannot prepare schnitzels for a long time,” says the manager of the brewery, Eric Hoffman, reported on July 17, BNT.

The suppliers fail to provide the necessary quantities, since, in addition to establishments, they also supply restaurants and wholesalers.

“The campaign is cute. Great idea. And we get cheap beer,” said Moritz Baller, a customer of the restaurant.

This brewery customer bought 80 liters of oil in Ukraine during a humanitarian mission, which he now trades for eight cases of beer on occasion for his birthday party.

A liter of beer in German pubs costs about 7 euros, while a liter of sunflower oil is priced at 4.5 euros.

Very quickly, the brewery managed to procure 230 liters of sunflower oil, but the goal is at least 500 liters to be able to ensure the normal functioning of the kitchen until the end of the year.

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