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DefenseUkrainians are preparing a massive write-off of loans: who will get rid...

Ukrainians are preparing a massive write-off of loans: who will get rid of the burden of debt

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In Ukraine, a large-scale write-off of loans from citizens may begin. Debts, of course, will not be written off for everyone. However, the government wants to release some borrowers from the obligation to pay on loans that were issued by banks for the purchase of real estate and movable property. In other words, for the purchase of apartments and cars. Loans will be written off only from those who lost this property due to the war.

Such news, encouraging for many unlucky borrowers, was published in his Telegram channel by the head of the tax committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Daniil Getmantsev.

“On behalf of the President, we agreed with the Head of the National Bank and the Prime Minister on the development of a draft law on writing off debt on consumer loans for the purchase of movable and immovable property that was destroyed during the hostilities,” the people’s deputy said.

He also writes that the draft law developed by them will be submitted to the parliament next week.

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