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CultureHandwriting and character: how to reveal your personality with a pencil

Handwriting and character: how to reveal your personality with a pencil

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Graphology – character by handwriting

Graphologists study people’s handwriting, revealing the relationship between their writing style and character. It is believed that handwriting can be used to make a psychological portrait of a person and determine his main personality traits.

UNIAN will tell you what handwriting to the left means and other nuances of the epistolary manifestation of oneself.

What handwriting can tell – 4 main nuances

Character by handwriting with examples

The researchers say that before starting to study handwriting, it is important to meet the necessary conditions. Firstly, it is better to write with a pen or pencil – this way you can find out the pressure force. Secondly, for the purity of the experiment, ask a person to write something at different times, under different conditions and in his different states – this will allow you to find out his alternative sides of his personality.

The slope of the handwriting

If a person writes, tilting the letters to the left, then he is an individualist who does not care about the opinion of society. He will always put his own interests above anyone else’s. If the slope to the left is strong, then this indicates self-sufficiency and independence of the individual.

Tilt to the right – a sign of creativity, poise and sociability. There may be mood swings. A noticeable angle of inclination to the right warns of irascibility and jealousy, this handwriting is a clear sign of a leader.

Handwriting without an inclination reveals a person who thinks rationally. She is in harmony with herself and practically does not suffer from internal conflicts. Such people always make informed decisions, but their main drawback is stubbornness.

Pushing the handle

Scientists believe that a person who presses the pen or pencil too hard while writing is energetic and self-confident in life. He is sociable, independent and always has his own point of view.

Light pressure is a sign of a romantic and creative nature, incapable of excessive purposefulness. Such people do everything slowly, measuredly, carefully. Often a person with light pressure has a weak willpower and character.

handwriting size

This indicator can help to find out how sociable a person is. Large letters (more than 3 mm) indicate openness, increased emotionality and sensitivity. They can lead the crowd, convince and lead.

The medium and small size of the letters hints that you have a responsible and hardworking person. Such people can be trusted with important matters. The smaller the letters, the more prudence, secrecy and isolation in a person.

Wide letters, in turn, are a sign of good nature, sincerity and kindness, and narrow letters are pettiness and greed.

Roundness of letters

Angular and sharp letters give out a person who is selfish, narcissistic and independent. Such a person will always strive for independence and refuse situations where she is told what to do.

Round letters, on the contrary, are a sign of belonging to the company, responsiveness and friendliness. The owners of rounded letters come to the rescue more often than others, they know how to find compromises and become true friends.

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