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CharitiesThe head of a huge charitable foundation is suspected of trafficking in...

The head of a huge charitable foundation is suspected of trafficking in humanitarian aid

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“Ukrayinskaya Pravda” reported on 4 June 2022 law enforcement officers announced that they had exposed the head of a charitable organization in the Odessa region in the illegal use of humanitarian aid

Details: The security forces say that the head of one of the huge charitable foundations in the Odessa region (according to the source of the UP – the Assol Foundation -ed.) organized the supply of helmets, body armor, medical and other supplies to Ukraine from international donors, allegedly for the needs of the army through ” Humanitarian Aid Center.

From February to June 2022, the director of the center was looking for humanitarian aid providers from the EU countries, and also received free help from caring citizens of Ukraine in the form of food, clothing, medicines, as well as military goods, including helmets (helmets), bulletproof vests, first aid kits, tactical glasses, walkie-talkies, unloading equipment, medical turnstiles, etc.

However, despite the promises to philanthropists to transfer the humanitarian cargo to its destination, the man sold everything received, the security forces say.

It is reported that the offender was detained “red-handed” during the implementation of a consignment of international humanitarian aid in the amount of almost 500 thousand hryvnia.

During urgent searches of vehicles, housing, office and storage facilities of the charitable organization, protective helmets, first aid kits, unloading gear, bulletproof vests and other humanitarian aid, as well as funds received for its illegal sale, were seized.

It is indicated that the activities of the “Center for Humanitarian Aid”, through which the sale of humanitarian aid for military purposes was terminated.

At present, the detainee has been informed of suspicion under Part 3 of Art. 201-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the issue of choosing a measure of restraint is being decided.

The pre-trial investigation continues.

According to data from open sources, the Odessa “Center for Humanitarian Aid” BO “Assol” is headed by Dmitry Antipov.

He led the humanitarian center at the Odessa Regional Military Administration. But after the appointment of a new head of the OVA, Maxim Marchenko Antipov, was removed from his post.

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