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DefenseRefugees from Ukraine can go to the USA

Refugees from Ukraine can go to the USA

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Refugees from Ukraine have a high chance of ending up in the United States, according to Today.ua. Nearly 50,000 Americans have already declared their readiness to help Ukrainian citizens. And their numbers are increasing day by day. In America, the state handed over the care of Ukrainian refugees to private sponsors, and ordinary Americans showed unheard-of activity.

The American media write about it.

The US says the private sponsorship program for refugees from Ukraine, which was launched on April 25, has already broken all records compared to previous similar programs. More than 47,000 Americans have already expressed their desire to take part in this action to help Ukrainians forced to flee the war.

As part of this Uniting for Ukraine program, as of June 1, more than 6,500 refugees from Ukraine had already arrived in the United States. But at the same time, even more will arrive: visas have already been issued to 27,000 citizens of the country.

“This program could quickly become the largest official private refugee sponsorship initiative in US history. It could eclipse a program shut down in the 1990s that allowed Americans to fund the resettlement of 16,000 refugees for six years,” the American source wrote.

In the United States, decided to give care of Ukrainian refugees to private hands. Students, volunteers and just caring citizens were involved in the organization of the program.

In which US cities are most waiting for refugees from Ukraine

New York became the leader in terms of the number of sponsors willing to host Ukrainians: 15% of their total number live there. In addition to New York, many applicants turned out to be in Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, Sacramento, Portland and Cleveland.

Recall, while Poland, which received the largest number of refugees from Ukraine, announced the termination of social payments for most Ukrainian citizens. They will be left only for a narrow circle of the most needy people.

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