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CultureSiam, New Holland, Ceylon ... What are these countries called today?

Siam, New Holland, Ceylon … What are these countries called today?

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See what they were called

In 2019, Macedonia changed its name. The Balkan state became the Republic of Northern Macedonia after a long dispute with neighboring Greece. Turkey soon announced that its name would be spelled Turkie in English to avoid resemblance to the word ‘turkey’.

But these are far from the only countries that have changed their name. In fact, many nations have had their own identity crises and have usually changed their names since independence.


This distant country was once known as New Holland and New South Wales, but its current name was finally established in the early 19th century.


This country was called the Emirate of Transjordan before it officially became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 1949.


From 1920 to 1991, this country was known as Belarus (“White Russia”).


Belize was once called British Honduras.


Until 1825, this country was called Upper Peru.


This South Asian country was called East Bengal and Assam, then East Bengal, East Pakistan, and now Bangladesh.


Before 1974, the lands of Ethiopia were united with Eritrea to form Abyssinia.


In 1932, the country gained full independence and was officially called Iraq. It was formerly called the British Mandate of Mesopotamia.


The enclaved state was once a colony of the British crown called Basutoland.


Mexico was once part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain until the landmark change of its name in 1821 after the War of Independence.


The country of Southeast Asia was once called Burma and this name is still used in some countries.


This country was once part of the Spanish East Indies. The country gained its independence in 1898 and was called the Philippines.


Temasek is the early name of Singapore, which received its last in 1819.

Sri Lanka

Since the beginning of British colonial rule, this country has been known as Ceylon.


This South American country was once known as Dutch Guiana.


This country was known as Siam before it officially became Thailand in 1949.


Togo was once part of French Togoland, a colonial state of the League of Nations that existed from 1916 to 1960.


Zimbabwe is another country that has changed its name several times. Previous names include Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.

Source: StarsInsider

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