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FashionNaomi Campbell got Sofia involved in a racist scandal

Naomi Campbell got Sofia involved in a racist scandal

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Naomi Campbell hastened Sofia into a racist scandal.

The information was published in the “Daily Mail”, citing its source.

According to the publication, the top model was shocked, as she was searched at the airport in Sofia only because she is black, Maritsa quotes.

Naomi was in Sofia from May 19 to 22 for photos of an advertisement for a global fashion brand. And he didn’t show up in public.

“Naomi was very upset. On arrival, she was stopped by airport officials and ordered a full inspection of her belongings. It was not clear whether they were airport employees or others. She believes it was only because of her skin color,” the source added.

“Naomi left with a baseball cap and bag in her hands, settled in a hotel. She arrived in Sofia with such enthusiasm to shoot, but it definitely upset her. She still fulfilled her commitment,” the tabloid source said.

Interestingly, in the comments, readers from all countries and races were outraged by Naomi, not by “Bulgarian racism”. “Welcome to the ground, people are regularly searched here at airports.” “If you fall from Mars, the world works that way.” “Ordinary people search them at airports.” These are the most common comments to the diva.

Naomi also has unpleasant memories of searches. She was caught with marijuana once.

 Sofia Airport is launching an investigation after Naomi Campbell complained that she had been discriminated against

Naomi Campbell was genuinely upset after her visit to Sofia. According to her, she has become a victim of racial discrimination by Bulgarian customs officers, British media reported.

On May 19, Campbell arrives in Bulgaria for the shooting of an advertisement. The top model was stopped by the uniformed officers, who subjected her and her luggage to a thorough inspection before being released into the country.

Sources claim that the 52-year-old model was “very upset” by what happened and was firmly convinced that she was selected for search because she is black. “Naomi was very upset. The whole incident affected her terribly. She was on her way to exciting photos, which she was looking forward to, but it darkened her stay in Sofia a bit,” a friend of the model told the DailyMail.

The staff at Sofia Airport did not respond to repeated requests for comment, the publication notes. However, after the publication, the airport authorities said that they regretted Naomi Campbell’s experience and are investigating what happened.

“From Sofia Airport we will review the videos from that day and we will interview the employees tomorrow in order to fully investigate the case,” the airport officials said.

Regarding the information spread in the media about the inspection of the British super model and actress Naomi Campbell upon her arrival at Sofia Airport, the Customs Agency informs that her luggage has been inspected and a routine random inspection has been carried out, which is part of from the duties of customs officers. The Customs Agency has not received a complaint from Naomi Campbell or her representative in connection with the case.

On this occasion, Sofia Airport expressed regret over Campbell’s negative experiences in Sofia. A full investigation into the incident began yesterday at the airport. “We are in contact with the Bulgarian customs authorities, who have confirmed that the screening of passengers and luggage is part of their work and this is a routine procedure,” the airport added. To fully clarify the case, the videos from the day of Naomi Campbell’s arrival in Bulgaria are reviewed and the airport employees are interrogated.

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