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EconomyJobs for Ukrainians: thousands of jobs for Ukrainians opened in Poland

Jobs for Ukrainians: thousands of jobs for Ukrainians opened in Poland

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In Poland, there was a huge demand for one specialty. Therefore, thousands of vacancies have opened in the labor market. These vacancies are willingly filled by Ukrainians.

A feverish demand arose for nurses and midwives in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Most of the mid-level medical staff who work there are of pre-retirement age. The average age of the nurses there is 54 years. Obstetricians, whose average age is 52 years, “ran away” not far. Of the 10,000 mid-level doctors who work there, soon a third will go on a well-deserved rest. And there is no one to replace them.

Therefore, Ukrainian women and Ukrainians with suitable qualifications are willingly hired. True, first they will have to work in the positions of personnel providing nursing care. But then, when all the formalities are resolved, they will receive a conditional right to work as a nurse.

“These are people who worked as nurses in Ukraine. Now we have employed them as nursing care providers so that they have time to resolve formal issues – to obtain a conditional right to practice the profession. When they receive such permission, their employment contract will be changed. They will be employed as nurses,” says Tomasz Ovsik-Kozloski, a spokesman for a medical facility in Szczecin.

Thanks to the influx of qualified nurses from Ukraine in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, the problem with the shortage of medical personnel has already been partially solved. But all the same, there are still enough such vacancies, the Poles say.

Recall that from July 1, Poland will stop paying assistance to the vast majority of refugees from Ukraine. Leave only payments to the disabled, women with many children and pregnant women.

Source: zycie.news

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