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EconomyElite cherries in Japan - buyer paid $ 296 for each berry

Elite cherries in Japan – buyer paid $ 296 for each berry

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At a Japanese fruit auction in Aomori Prefecture, an elite Juno Heart variety of cherries was sold for $296 – not a ton, but one piece cost so much. The buyer immediately took the box, which contained 15 pieces, according to the Japanese national newspaper The Asahi Shimbun. The whole box cost $4440.

Juno Heart cherries are considered an upscale gift in Japan. It meets certain requirements of the standard: the diameter of the berry must be more than 2.8 cm, the sugar content must be from 20%. Juno Heart berries, whose diameter is from 3.1 cm, are called “Aomori Heartbeat” and are sold especially expensive.

The exclusive berries were purchased by Nagatsuka Seika, a fruit and berry wholesaler. Representatives of the company said that the purchased berries will be sold in one of the stores.

Photo: Box of the Aomori Heartbeat cherry that fetched the highest price of 600,000 yen per box. (Kuratoshi Yokoyama) / asahi.com

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