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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
EconomyA Turkish farmer became a millionaire with purple stones from his field

A Turkish farmer became a millionaire with purple stones from his field

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Farmer Ali Aiden, who lives in the village of Akpanar in the Harmandzhik region, found unusual purple stones in his field. He became curious and brought them for expertise in the regional city of Bursa. As a result of their research, it was established that the stones found in his field were made of purple jade.

These purple colored stones are a mixture of the colors of basic jadeite, quartz, phlogopite, chlorotoid, epidote and six orthoclase minerals. They are known to occur only in this region.

In the past, villagers in the region were unaware of the value of the stones and sold them cheaply as a cladding material. Foreign traders bought them by truck, and some of them were even simply stolen or taken without money.

It turns out that purple stones are used in jewelry design. So Ali Aidan, who has about 1 ton of stone left, is really lucky. Now he is considering selling the stones for a large sum if he finds a buyer.

He complained to the Anatolian State Agency:

“It was too late until I realized the fact that the purple stones found in my field were the purple jade gemstone. I have missed a great fortune so far, but I now aim to make money with the last stones I have left.”

Aiden added: “I understand that this stone cost $ 1,600. He was known in Japan to bring happiness. He brought happiness to me too. It turned out that I have a treasure in my field. At first I couldn’t believe it. “

Although the green and white “jade” found in many regions of the world has been known since ancient times, the rich mineral deposit containing purple jade with the quality of precious stones has not been registered elsewhere. Therefore, the only known source of purple jade in the world is located in this geologically studied region. The most typical raw blocks of purple jade are obtained from the deposit near the village of Akpanar. This bulky material is known for its “very suitable for cutting various objects and gemstones”.

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