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EventsA little embarrassment for Queen Letizia

A little embarrassment for Queen Letizia

She put on a dress for the ceremony and it turned out that she was not the only one who chose this

Queen Letizia of Spain has a great sense of style and humor. Seeing at a public event a woman in exactly the same dress as hers, Her Majesty laughed and came to hug the “competitor”.

For every fashionista to see one of the guests of a public event in the same outfit as you, like a terrible fashion failure, but not for the Spanish queen.

King Philip’s wife attended a meeting of the Royal Council for the Disabled, where she arrived in a black and white midi dress with a belt from the Mango brand worth $75. In exactly the same dress was one of the guests of the event.

Seeing this, Queen Letizia laughed, and the two women embraced tightly.

Earlier, the Spanish queen showed support for the Ukrainians by wearing an embroidered shirt, which was sewn by a woman from Ivano-Frankivsk.

Recall that Queen Letizia is known for her exquisite sense of style, however, in addition to expensive designer outfits, Her Majesty often wears clothes of democratic brands. She also sometimes appears in public in vintage dresses or suits that once belonged to her mother-in-law Queen Sofia.

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