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8 flowers and herbs that repel spiders: what to plant in the garden

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Spiders that are found in houses are usually harmless to humans.

However, this does not prevent many men and women from experiencing real horror every time they catch their eye.

But you can isolate yourself from these creatures. Flowers and herbs will help in this, which scare them away with their aroma.


Bright and lush flowers serve as a real decoration of the site.

In addition, their smell repels various pests, as well as snails and spiders.

It is for this reason that many plant these plants around the perimeter of the garden.


Spiders cannot tolerate the substance that the flower secretes. We are talking about feverfew, which is also often used in the manufacture of insect repellents.


You can even put dried flowers in a vase. They won’t let spiders into the house.


The spiders will run away from the mint-growing house.

You can also make an infusion of this herb and spray it around your home to get rid of them for sure.


It is enough just to put a pot with this plant at the windows or doors to protect the home from intruders.


Simply spreading the leaves on surfaces around the house is enough to drive away the spiders.


We need to make an infusion. Leaves and stems should be cut and filled with water. As soon as the infusion is ready, it must be sprayed to get rid of not only spiders, but also midges.


It is enough just to spread it around the house, so that you will never see a cobweb in the corners again.

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