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InternationalWho is the smartest animal in the world?

Who is the smartest animal in the world?

Scientists have listed the most intelligent representatives of the fauna – dolphins, monkeys, elephants, cats and dogs.

Each of the winners of the rating has special abilities in a certain area.

So, primates – gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons and monkeys – perfectly understand speech and are even capable of reciprocal communication.

Dolphins are not far behind the monkeys. In the “lexicon” of marine mammals there are about 14 thousand signals with a certain meaning. And dolphins are great companions who will never leave their brothers in trouble.

Smart gray giants are also capable of communication. And elephants communicate quite noisily – stomping on the ground with their huge feet. Other animals become aware of the approach of the elephant herd by sensing the vibration.

The mind of dogs is undeniable. Faithful friends of a person can learn up to 200 commands.

Cats are also trainable, moreover, they are smarter and more cunning than dogs.

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