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Human RightsThe platform for Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria blocked, only 50 managed to...

The platform for Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria blocked, only 50 managed to register

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The technical problem was reported on the first day of its launch, the Refugee Agency explained it with overload

A technical problem in the online platform for collecting data from refugees on May 21 prevented many Ukrainian citizens in Bulgaria from filling out the survey data on the first day of the system’s launch, BNT reported.

The Refugee Agency explained that the system was overloaded as many people tried to enter at the same time. Only with registration will people with temporary protection be able to be transferred to state bases or other hotels after the end of the month. The deadline for filling in the refugee questionnaires is May 25.

According to the story of Ukrainian women to state television, they failed to create their own profile in the system.

“I have not filled in the survey yet, I failed. I am waiting for the electronic system to work well, because today there were many problems to log in and fill in our data. But we definitely want to register because I am here with my son, eldest daughter and “We want to take this opportunity,” says Lina.

Refugees most often ask interviewers where they will be accommodated from the beginning of next month, but so far have not received specific answers.

“Very few people, according to information coming from the field teams, have really managed to enter the survey, create a profile with a username and password, fill out and send the survey,” said the head of the State Agency for Refugees Mariana Tosheva .

More than 50 Ukrainians have somehow managed to overcome the technical hurdle and fill in their questionnaires despite the problem with the platform.

“Once this information is processed, then it will be distributed in different places, but for now we do not have clarity,” said Petya Hristova, Labor Office – Varna.

Teams have been formed from the regional administrations of Varna, Shumen and Dobrich, which visit hotels to help Ukrainian citizens complete the survey. The registration of hoteliers, who will benefit from the government’s program for accommodation of refugees for BGN 15 (env. 7,5 EUR) per day, has also started.

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