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FoodSheep and rams from all over Russia came to Volgograd

Sheep and rams from all over Russia came to Volgograd

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On May 27, Volgograd hosted the opening of the All-Russian Exhibition of Pedigree Sheep and Goats. Representatives of 17 regions of the country equip their pavilions. Hundreds of fluffy lambs and sheep were exhibited in the pavilions of the Volgograd Agrarian University.

– During the days of the forum, a rich program awaits the participants: a scientific and practical conference “90 years of scientific support for the sheep and goat breeding industry”, various seminars and master classes will be held; specialists from different regions will visit the best farms of the Volgograd region. The plenary session and the grand opening of the exhibition took place on Friday, May 27, – said the committee of agriculture of the Volgograd region. – Within the framework of the events, an interregional competition of agricultural enterprises for the best indicators in the development of breeding sheep and goat breeding will also be held.

At the same time, as the committee said, the Volgograd region is one of the largest suppliers of breeding animals in Russia.

“The Volgograd breed of sheep is famous in the country and abroad,” the committee proudly reports. – Today, livestock breeders are working on selection of the Volgograd type of the Edilbaev breed.

One of the Volgograd flagships at the exhibition was Niva LLC, which presented animals bred specifically for the Volgograd region at the exhibition.

“Our animals are valued for their meat qualities and wool, our lambs adapt to any habitat,” said Yerlan Bekesov. — The breed of our animals was bred specifically for our request. It is called the Volgograd fine-wool meat-wool breed, or Volgograd merino for short. The weight of one of our animals is from 80 to 90 kilograms. Now they are walking, all year they wandered through the fields, fattening meat and fat, as well as wool. Some animals weigh under 200 kilograms

By the way, the lamb haircut is planned for June. Entrepreneurs also sell kilograms of wool that has been worked up and regrown during the year.

Exhibitors brought rare breeds of animals

Animals were brought from Rostov, Kalmykia, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

Some breeds of animals were bred by breeders

Each animal has its own card with a complete list of its advantages and characteristics.

Photo: The breed of such animals is called Oxford Down

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