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InternationalMy cat ignores me!?

My cat ignores me!?

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

Any cat owner would be heartbroken if for some reason the cat ignores him. People can really get sad if we play with our pet, take care of him, pet him and try to make his life fun, but he somehow doesn’t pay attention to us.

Cats are much more independent animals when compared to dogs and can actually spend a lot of time alone and that is good for them. While most pet animals are actually social, some of them can really just be…terrible.

How do we know if our cat is angry about something or wants to be left alone?

Your cat wants to spend time alone

Just as we humans sometimes need to not talk to other people for a number of reasons, affectionate friends can also have these moments.

Cats can be quite independent animals and have their own emotions and moods. Some people, like people, are influenced by the weather and when autumn comes, they may not be in the mood to play or cuddle you, but prefer solitude. If your cat does not have a health problem – eats normally, is not aggressive, uses his toilet, but does not pay much attention to you – maybe he just wants to be alone. As sad as we are, we have no choice but to respect that.

We can always try to lure her with a fishing rod or a toy, but we should not bother her too much so as not to incur her wrath.

Your cat is stressed

Many cats will choose to ignore something they perceive as a threat or stress. If the purring friend has a negative experience in the past with people who have quarreled with him or even hurt him – maybe he will be skeptical of you at times, even if you have never treated him badly.

Sometimes cats are offended by some of our actions – for example, if you accidentally stepped on it and it hurt – your cat will certainly hiss, and may not be so friendly for a while.

If something has changed in your home – you have moved, you have adopted another kitten, a new person has come to live with you, you have given birth to a baby, etc., then your cat may experience this change in its own way. Purring animals are adaptable, but the transition is certainly not easy for everyone and they need time. Some representatives may become a little more rude to you in “protest” and choose to ignore you and ignore you.

Make sure you have a place for your cat that is only hers and give her time.

Your cat is not feeling well

It is not uncommon for purring animals to become more lonely when in pain. Too many cats will not make it clear that something is wrong and will seem to be hiding their symptoms. If your cat has suddenly started to behave and no longer responds to your voice (and used to), does not greet you at the door and may seem a more lethargic idea – it may be good to visit the vet.

Your cat is angry or offended

These friends can often be quite vindictive. Many of them “offend” their owners when they go on vacation for a few days and “abandon” them. In such a situation, you go home, waiting to see your pet, but he ignores you because he wants to show the pain you caused him.

These animals can be very sensitive and understand much more than we think. They are not evil and will certainly forgive you, but maybe you should try to deserve it – maybe with more games, food and of course treats.

Older people may have problems

Ignoring behavior may be more typical of adult cats, which little by little they no longer feel in their prime. Some gradually begin to become deaf or lose their energy and prefer to spend their time asleep instead of playing as you are used to.

This is a normal stage in the lives of these friends, so as they get older they may become calmer and less excited about your presence. However, if you suspect that your purring friend is in pain or something is wrong with his health – be sure to visit the vet.

If your cat has been ignoring you almost since the day she lived with you – maybe she just has that character and, apart from learning how to communicate with her and respect her privacy – you have no choice. On the other hand, if the purring companion has suddenly lost interest in you – it may be good to check his health.

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