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InternationalDo cats remember their old owners?

Do cats remember their old owners?

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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People certainly remember vividly all the pets we had. It happens that we raise and live for some time with a purring friend, but we have to separate and entrust it to someone else. Whether it’s because we have to go to university or work or we have developed an allergy, the decision is certainly not an easy one for us.

However, if the pet has “stayed the family” – he has lived with relatives or close friends, we would certainly be very happy to see him when we have this opportunity!

Months or even a year pass and you see your favorite cat for the first time, and a very important question certainly comes to mind – does my cat remember me?

Let’s talk a little about cat memory

A 2015 study published in National Geographic shows that many animals do not have short-term memory. In this study, scientists tested 25 species of animals – from dolphins to bees, cats, dogs and others.

Cats, like other animals, use associative memory to store information that helps them survive.

This also explains why they remember where they received help or food from someone. Thanks to these associative memories, pet animals act in a certain way at certain moments – for example, they will run to you as soon as they hear the opening of the food cabinet.

This associative memory is probably the way your cat remembers you. She may not have memorized specific interactions with you, but she may associate you with the memory of giving her food and caring for her, which is actually very key to cats.

Cats feel sad for us

Many researchers suggest that her cat is sad for her owners if she is left alone for a while. In fact, this can be confirmed by many owners who observe strange behaviors of their pets when they go on vacation for a few days, and after returning – the purring friend is apparently very happy.

Many cats are stressed when left by their owners, even for just a few days, and signs of this are:

• Urinating or going to the toilet

• Changes in eating habits

• Destructive behaviors

• Loud meowing

The purring friends are really very anxious when they are left alone for a few days and another person they do not know well comes only for about an hour a day to take care of them. Think about it, this is a very big change for the cat, which is used to a certain regime and your presence every day, even if it is only in the morning and evening, because you are at work during the day.

It is a big mistake to scold our cat when she has done damage while we are gone. The purring friend did not do this to get revenge, but simply because he was under stress, because of your absence.

If you travel often – maybe your cat will get used to the fact that at some point you are not. On the other hand, in order not to give her a reason to break or scratch your belongings – make sure to put away all objects that would provoke interest in her. Leave lots of toys and her favorite items to play with to make her feel as engaged as possible.

It is difficult to say exactly how much the cat will remember you after not seeing you. Certainly this is strictly individual and depends on both the relationship you had and the character of the purring friend. Surely, if you see your cat after a while, you will feel for yourself whether she remembers you or your scent or behaves as if you are a complete stranger.

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