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6 signs of a happy cat

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Wondering if your purring companion is feeling well and happy? Certainly, owners often worry about the pet, because it is an important part of our family. We humans can share our feelings and emotions in words, but it is much more difficult with animals, so we need to observe them and guess if they need something.

There are several signs that can show us that a purring pet feels happy at home.

1. Your cat purrs

Purring is one of the signs that most people recognize as a sign of a happy cat. In most cases, if a cat purrs, you can be sure that it is happy. However, there is a small percentage of situations in which pet animals purr when they are anxious.

In case your purring friend is lying next to you and purring, or greets you after work, making these sweet sounds – it certainly feels good.

2. Kneading with paws

Kneading on a soft surface with paws is often accompanied by this sweet purring! Usually pet animals do this on a blanket, a garment, a pillow, even on you. This is thought to be an action that kittens do with their mother’s womb to stimulate breastfeeding. Surely it is already clear that if your cat feels like she is with her mother – then she is happy.

3. Salivation

If the purring companion does not have a health problem – most often with teeth – the formation of leagues while sleeping is a sign that he feels calm. Similarly, if your cat keeps the tip of its tongue out, it shows that it is happy and comfortable. Cats do not realize that they are drooling or that they have forgotten a small part of their tongue outside, which can happen if they are really very relaxed.

4. The cat chases you everywhere and watches with interest what you do

If the purring companion is friendly, he will walk around you with his tail high and will suffocate and watch everything you do. Curiosity and time spent with you certainly show that your cat is happy.

5. Your cat is active – playing with you or his toys

Joyful pets have the energy to run, jump, hunt and play – whether it’s with you and a fishing rod or just chasing a cat toy. Like us humans, when we are sad, sometimes it is even difficult for us to get out of bed and want to spend our whole day locked up doing nothing. Cats do the same thing – they are active when they feel great.

6. They have normal habits of eating, sleeping, hair care and going to the toilet

Perhaps the subtlest signs of a happy animal are those that also show a healthy animal.

The happy cat will do his routine things on schedule – he will eat when the time is right, will sleep a lot during the day and a little at night, will clean his fur and will use his toilet. You know perfectly well when this happens more or less and how many times your cat urinates and defecates.

One of the first signs that a purring friend is not feeling well is the problem with food and toilet. If they are not available – then your cat is happy.

Although cats can be difficult to read and we don’t always understand that they are in pain, if everything seems normal with them – eating, playing, sleeping, washing and enjoying your company, then surely your purring friend is satisfied.

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