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InternationalWhy cats sometimes carry toys in their toilets

Why cats sometimes carry toys in their toilets

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Have you ever noticed how while your cat is playing with a mouse, ball or fish, it usually bites the “prey” and carries it to some secret place, where it continues to lick, bite, push with paws and legs or tear it?

When cats catch prey in the wild, they usually go to some hidden place with it or a piece of it, where they can eat their portion undisturbed. Toys at home are perceived as prey by pet animals, they logically “copy” this behavior and carry their toys to some remote place where they can continue to play with them.

Some representatives, however, carry their toys to the toilet, which can be considered unusual behavior. Is there a specific reason for this?

The toilet is the personal space of the cats

For us humans, the time spent in the toilet is secluded and perhaps the only place we know we can be left alone.

For cats, the situation is not much different, although the reasons are different. The cat toilet is a place that smells strongly of a purring friend. The cat’s own scent is extremely soothing because it makes them feel protected, safe and at home. In the same way that we feel in our home – cozy and calm.

In a way, the cat toilet is the inviolable place of the purring friend, where he does his work, bury it to protect himself, and knows that this place is his. Cats can carry their toys there simply because they feel at ease and enjoy playing there, although we find it strange.

This may be the way your cat plays

As we know, all cat toys are designed to engage the purring friend and help him train and sharpen his instincts. When they play, pet animals chase, chase, hide, jump, catch prey and often even tear it with their sharp teeth and claws.

Some purring friends are so engrossed in games that they may find it convenient to take their toy to or around the toilet without even having a specific reason. We can often see that pet animals like to carry their “prey” on the couch, in the cat tree or even on our bed. No wonder they are looking for a soft spot that they find suitable for extra play with the loot.

Cats can even hide their toys in the toilet

Just as a cat buries its urine and feces in the sand in the toilet so as not to attract larger predators, some representatives can bury their toys there. If a temperamental pet perceives the toy as prey, it is only logical that he wants to hide it from a fictional predator that does not live in your home, but is in the “consciousness” of your cat.

This behavior is not disturbing, but it can be a bit of an inconvenience for you from the sand spread out of the toilet. However, if your cat is playing inside, he is certainly digging up his bedding, after which you need to clean up afterwards.

Closed toilets can help, where even cats dig sand – less will come out because the hole is smaller. However, if your purring companion does not like a closed toilet – do not force him to use one.

In case your purring friend suddenly starts hiding his toys in the toilet, think about whether it is an illness. Cats tend to behave unusually around the toilet when there are urinary tract problems or some other gastrointestinal upset. If this is not typical behavior for your cat and you suspect that it may not feel well – do not delay the appointment with a veterinarian.

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