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FoodWhat will drinking wine lead to? Doctors reveal the secrets of this...

What will drinking wine lead to? Doctors reveal the secrets of this ancient drink

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Wine is a drink known to mankind since ancient times. Its production is possible both at home and in industrial conditions. Wine is distinguished by color. It can be red, white and pink. There are pomegranate, apple, plum and others wines. But the progenitor of all wines is grape wine. The controversy about the dangers and benefits of wine has not subsided for many decades.

Home wine

Making wine at home is a very laborious and time-consuming process. Subject to all the rules and regulations for the manufacture and storage of the drink, a high-quality product of great benefit is obtained.


A huge advantage of homemade natural wines is that they do not add dyes, alcohol, flavor enhancers, chemical impurities, preservatives. Also, the winemaker himself can control the desired taste, sweetness, saturation. Homemade wine contains vitamins B, C, PP, useful trace elements and amino acids.

Homemade wine is beneficial only when used in moderation.

In certain situations, homemade wine even has a healing effect.

White wine is more suitable for those who follow the figure. They are low in calories. And helps fight cellulite. Red wine is more vitamin-rich and helps with problem skin.

General healing effect of homemade wines

1. Wines remove poisons from the body.

2. They have anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Reduce blood pressure, help with fatigue, lower blood sugar. Thus, it is shown to the elderly in the amount of one glass per day.

4. Prevent heart attacks and strokes, strengthen the entire cardiovascular system.

5. Prevents the development of diseases of the mouth and throat.

6. Prevents the development of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.

7. Suppress the development of bacteria, cholera, tuberculosis and malaria.

8. They are a good prophylaxis against radiation exposure.

9. Wines help in the treatment of lung diseases.

10. They are pain relievers and help in the treatment of colds.


1. Sulfur is used in wine making at home and this can in some cases lead to attacks in people with asthma.

2. White wine can lead to tooth decay and crumbling. Red wine can cause allergies.

3. If homemade wine was prepared incorrectly, then methyl alcohol may appear in it, the presence of which is deadly to humans.

4. Household wine can cause food poisoning. For example, if wine was prepared with seeds, then a large amount of hydrocyanic acid could get into the drink. Symptoms of such poisoning appear quickly and pose a great danger to human life.

5. If a winemaker uses metal utensils, then during the fermentation process a huge amount of chemical compounds is released into the drink, which is also harmful to health.

Shop wine

It is often believed that all store-bought wine is made on the basis of a special powder. This is actually a myth. Grapes are a very common raw material and there is no point in making powder out of them. The production of such a powder will take much more financial costs. But this does not mean that store-bought wine in terms of quality and benefits coincides with homemade wine.

In addition, when buying wine in a store, you can often run into not so much a fake, but simply a wine that was produced in conditions of a total reduction in production costs.

Of course, such a product does not have any medicinal and beneficial properties.

The methods for making such an inexpensive wine are as follows:

1. Mix of a quality product with a base one. In this case, the taste is achieved by adding dyes and sugar.

2. Dilution of wine with water. Then add alcohol.

3. Acceleration of the fermentation process. This is the most common form of production cost reduction in wineries. The point is adding sugar before fermentation starts or right after it starts. This speeds up the maturation of the wine, but greatly reduces its properties and quality.

4. Glycerin is added to a wine with a bad taste, and it becomes sweeter and more pleasant.

5. Use of concentrates and paints. Using these methods, they are trying to make an elite wine from cheap wine and sell it several times more expensive. Synthetic dyes are often used, which can be harmful to health.

6. Artificial wine occupies a special place among the harmful shop wines. It completely eliminates the use of grape juice and uses chemical substitutes.


Everything is good in moderation.

When wine is abused in the body, the process of cell destruction begins. This leads to numerous problems.

1. Ischemic heart disease.

2. Stomach ulcer.

3. Nervous diseases.

4. Cirrhosis of the liver.

5. Osteoporosis.

6. Hypertension.

7. Cancer of the throat and liver.

8. Alcoholism.

You can not drink wine for people who have the following problems:

1. Sick pancreas.

2. Sick liver.

3. If there is any allergy. Wine will strengthen it.

4. Migraine. Even a glass of wine can trigger an attack.

5. Heart disease and hypertension.

6. Kidney disease.

7. Do not mix wine with medicines. This combination is dangerous for all organs and can even lead to respiratory arrest.

8. Asthma. Small amounts of sulfur in wine can lead to a seizure.

9. Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The main difference between homemade and shop wine is that homemade wine is natural, it contains vitamins, and helps with many ailments.

The main elements of homemade wine are:

1. Tannins – kill all bacteria and are natural antibiotics.

2. Substances that can break down harmful fat in the body, including the liver.

3. The antioxidant resveratrol is found in the skin of grapes. It protects our blood vessels and resists the formation of cancerous tumors.

But all these substances are found only in natural homemade wine and do not belong to cheap store wine, which consists of alcohol, sugar, dyes and many preservatives.

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