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NewsUmuamua - an asteroid, comet or spaceship

Umuamua – an asteroid, comet or spaceship

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A Harvard professor claims that an alien civilization has “deposited small probes” on our planet

“Umuamua, the mysterious asteroid that passes through our solar system, is very likely to be a spaceship that aliens have launched to receive signals from their sensors located on Earth,” said Professor Avi Loeb of Harvard University. Science.

According to Avi Loeb, an ancient alien civilization has long installed sensors all over planet Earth to study life here, and the Umuamua rock is simply a “receiver” that takes measurements from their sensors.

“Umuamua’s overall behavior indicates that it is an artificial object on a targeted mission to the Sun to collect data from a habitable region near Earth. It can even be assumed that it is extracting data from probes that have already been sprinkled on Earth. in that case, “Umuamua’s thin, flat shape could be that of a receiver,” the professor said.

The asteroid’s predecessor may have been an alien spacecraft that deposited small probes in Earth’s atmosphere without being noticed because it visited Earth before the Pan-STARRS system began operations.

Loeb came to his “thesis” by examining a large number of phenomena of inexplicable things in the sky. These “things,” called unexplained celestial phenomena (NNFs), are either drones from Russia and China, as is commonly believed, or aliens associated with the Umuamua stone.

Since Umuamua entered our solar system in 2017, the rock has been the subject of debate. Whether it is part of an asteroid or a comet is not known, but it is known to rotate and even accelerate as it moves through space. This movement leads Loeb to conclude that its wider flat surfaces may contain equipment that can pick up signals from any hidden sensors or probes.

Initially, Umuamua was considered a comet and was named C / 2017 U1 (PAN-STARRS), and was later re-categorized as an asteroid named A / 2017 U1. It was last identified as a hyperbolic asteroid of interstellar origin. Oumuamua in Hawaiian means “ambassador from afar, first come.” Judging by the trajectory of approach, Umuamua most likely comes from Vega, the constellation Lyra. Umuamua is the first interstellar object discovered by man. The cigar-shaped asteroid is 400 meters long and about 30 meters in diameter.

“Instead of just wondering about possible scenarios, we need to gather more accurate scientific data and clarify the nature of the NNF,” Loeb wrote in SciAm magazine.

He proposes to deploy state-of-the-art cameras on broadband telescopes that observe the sky in different places to solve the NSF mystery once and for all.

“The sky is not classified. It’s just government sensors,” Loeb said, adding that it was time for scientists, not the US government, to explain the phenomenon.

As noted in my recent book, Aliens, I do not rely on science fiction stories, as the plot lines often violate the laws of physics. But we must be open to the possibility that science will one day reveal a reality that was once considered fiction, “he concluded.

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