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ENTERTAINMENTThe zodiac signs determine the character of dogs

The zodiac signs determine the character of dogs

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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When talking about the influence of the location of the planets on destiny, people usually do not even remember that pets are also subject to zodiacal influence. This is especially true for dogs, which, unlike cats, are strongly attached to humans and adopt certain human traits and character traits. If the owner knows the exact date of birth of his pet, then it is easy to check the natal chart and make a horoscope.

Astrologer Veronika Avgurova studies the influence of the planets in the zodiacal circle and sees no reason to refuse to calculate the characteristics of dogs. She noted that “our tailed friends sometimes perceive celestial events even more because they are closer to nature than humans.” Here are just a few specific observations of astrologers about dogs whose birth dates fall into different zodiac signs.

1. German Shepherd

This breed is known for its social attachment to humans. It is genetically predisposed to humans and shows good protective functions. But, for example, the shepherd dog Aries is more difficult to train and train, it is more intelligent than executive. Such a dog can be explained, not commanded. He will listen carefully and will most likely comply with the request, albeit with a slight delay.

But the Sagittarius shepherds, on the contrary, carry out each command quickly and unquestioningly, because for them it is a great game with their favorite owner. Sometimes they are unrestrained in their emotions and can lightly bite his hands out of great love and it is almost impossible to wean them off.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

Everyone is familiar with this small but extremely energetic and emotional dog. His loud barking in the apartment can even be annoying, especially if you live in an apartment building and someone is constantly moving in front of the door. But take a closer look at Virgo – Yorkie, born under this sign, it is calmer. In the hallway, it will definitely not make noise all the time. But if an outsider has to enter the apartment, such a Yorkshire is quite capable of even biting in a fit of protection of the territory.

3. Golden Retriever

A wonderful companion and true friend – this is usually how this breed is characterized. And the most loyal among retrievers are usually Scorpios. Their devotion simply knows no bounds. The Scorpio Retriever cannot be forced into another room voluntarily. On a walk, he will also constantly revolve around the owner. But just try to offend such a dog. Like humans, the Scorpio Retriever is very vindictive, he will never forgive bad treatment. Although to commit such an irreparable crime, you have to work hard and certainly do not like dogs at all.

Finally, Veronika Avgurova noted that when choosing a puppy it is advisable to take into account not only the breed and exterior, but also to understand the exact date of birth by the breeder. This is necessary not only to celebrate the anniversary of the pet, but also to take into account the compatibility of the owner and the dog. The most favorable will be the coincidence of the zodiacal elements in a person and a chosen puppy.

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