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CultureThe Italian cave city where the last James Bond movie was shot

The Italian cave city where the last James Bond movie was shot

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Nestled on a hill full of various historical tales he has experienced, the Italian city of Matera is a place we can hardly resist.

The city is one of the oldest in the world and is known as “West Jerusalem” due to its position on the rocks and its famous sassi cave houses.

Matera is located in the southern Italian region of Basilica, which is one of the poorest regions in the country.

It was included in the UNESCO list in 1993, and in 2019 became the European Capital of Culture together with the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv.

In 2019, there was a larger influx of tourists, but the coronavirus pandemic stopped everything. However, Mayor Domenico Benardi said he hoped to attract more tourists because the latest James Bond film was being shot there, noting that the seventh art has always been important to the city.

Some of the filming took place in London, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

In the trailer itself, however, the most noticeable is the city of Matera, whose narrow streets are bustling with James Bond.

This is Matera’s first appearance in a James Bond film, but otherwise the city has served as a film background many times.

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