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CharitiesHow Arab brands in London are responding to women empowerment by raising...

How Arab brands in London are responding to women empowerment by raising the awareness on mental health issues ?

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In honor of women’s month, the Jasmeen media agency in collaboration with the Arab British Chamber in Mayfair has launched its campaign ” Passion Into Action” in a special event that aims to empower and educate women about mental health. Jasmeen Media Agency has attracted top Arab businesses in London such as Atyab Almarshoud and Floward co to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health challenges by Arab women who are living currently in the UK. The campaign provided the opportunity to train the attendees about top tips and skills needed to overcome the most challenging mental health issues, presented by famous Arab females doctors.

The participation of the Kuwait embassy in London and the Arab Brands in London to support this campaign was even more significant, as the pandemic exacerbated mental health issues globally with high rates of anxiety and depression in particular among all women around the world. Grace the head manager of Atyab AlMarshoud Knightsbridge branch said “it’s our pleasure to support Arab women in London, as part of social responsibility, the brand has been always a great supporter of women’s initiatives. The brand has one of the oldest perfume manufacturers in Kuwait. 

The floward co as part of their social responsibility have joined the Jasmeen media campaign, showing great support and understanding of the global mental health challenges that are facing women’s daily life. Diego has represented the floward company and said: ” We are thankful for this opportunity and look forward to expanding our business through the UK, at the same time our aim is to engage the brand name with the values that we believe in to serve our community”. 

Jasmeen media agency believes in the important role of women in all industries and has dedicated most of their creative work to empowering women with different brands & agencies. The aim is to create dialogues between cultures, especially East and West, and connect women from different backgrounds to come closer together, that’s through exclusive events and workshops. This event has come to connect and engage Arab women with the Arab brands in London, providing new visibility and enhancing a deep relationship with the brand’s values.

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