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NewsWar in Ukraine: the evacuation of the besieged city of Marioupol "postponed"

War in Ukraine: the evacuation of the besieged city of Marioupol “postponed”

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A ceasefire had been announced this morning by Russia, and should start at 10 am. The evacuations are postponed, according to the city hall.

According to the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Verechtchuk, the objective was to evacuate 200,000 people from Mariupol and 15,000 from Volnovakha, a town located about 60 km north of the port city.

The humanitarian corridor for Mariupol and Volnovakha is still not working. The shelling of the city has not stopped. According to residents, cars gathered near Port City, but the enemy started shelling. Cars were forced to leave the collection point. Reports the editor of the independent website 0629.com.ua based in Mariupol.

“There is no ceasefire in the Zaporizhia region, on the roads on which the evacuation was planned.
The country’s authorities are negotiating with the enemy. We have no information yet. But the situation is very tense.”

Official information. Source – the press service of the city council of Mariyupol. (0629.com.ua)

“We ask all residents of Mariupol to disperse and go to places of accommodation. More information about the evacuation will be published soon. At present, negotiations are underway with the Russian Federation to establish a ceasefire and ensure the safety of the humanitarian corridor. The police will also inform the city’s residents through loudspeakers.

Photo: 0629.com.ua

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